Who Is Justin Lofton?

by Craig Perronne

Many people think of racers as aloof and unapproachable egomaniacs who focus only on winning. They grudgingly sign a few autographs for their fans before retiring to a multi-million-dollar coach that whisks them off to a private jet. During the off-season, these well-to-dos summer in Monaco and spend their idle time posing for Rolex ads or on their yachts.

While those stereotypes might be true of F1 drivers, we do things differently in the desert. Yes, most Trophy Truck drivers are not what we would call “cash deficient.” The only thing a Trophy Truck burns faster than race gas is cash. Operating one on a budget is about as simple as scaling Mount Everest in the buff. But that doesn’t mean Trophy Trucks racers share the snobbish traits as some of their F1 counterparts. In fact, the majority that we have met are quite the opposite.

Justin Lofton is a perfect example of this. Down to Earth and approachable, Lofton is easy to strike up a conversation with. His laid-back nature is typical of someone who gets to do what they love on a regular basis. After all, it is pretty hard to be pissed off when you get to bomb through the desert in a Trophy Truck with four-digit horsepower and gobs of wheel travel on the regular.

Contrasting with an easy-going personality is a focused intensity once his race helmet goes on. He drives with the confidence of someone who first climbed into Class 10 car at the age of 13. His racing career started in earnest at the age of 17 in a hill climb car. Despite being an Imperial Valley, California native with the desert in his backyard, Lofton quickly transitioned to racing on the pavement. His long stint going round in circles included success in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, the Camping World Truck Series, and the ARCA Remax Series.

But the call of the desert was too hard to resist and Lofton returned to it in 2014 competing in the Best In The Desert Series. Running his Fox-backed Jimco Trophy Truck, Justin has seen a great deal of success taking more Mint 400 overall wins than any driver in its history with victories in 2015, 2016 and 2019. He racked up another overall win at this year’s BITD Silver State 300 using Fox’s innovative LiveValve Trophy Truck shocks.

Want to know more about Justin Lofton? What is it like to hammer a Trophy Truck through the desert? What the hell does #AHBEEF mean? Check out the video below for more on Lofton. And, check out the gallery of Lofton’s personal Ford Raptor that uses our Element Hard Parts Ultimate Package. It consists of our stout Billet Upper Control Arms, Fox's trick 3.0 Factory Race Series Live Valve Shocks, and our plush replacement rear springs. Paired together they work to make the Raptor even more capable in the desert.