Stock Springs Suck

While modern trucks are the best they have ever been, their rear leaf springs leave a lot to be desired. Most OEMs know that most of the trucks they sell will never hit the dirt. That fact lets them focus on building leaf springs that produce a soft ride on the highway and don't cost much to make. The result are springs with almost no arch and with only a couple of leaves. That might work on the highway, but that soft spring will quickly blow through its travel in the dirt. Add a load to your bed and the situation gets even worse. Thankfully, we have solutions.

Mini Packs FTW

An affordable solution to factory leaf spring woes is the addition of an add-a-leaf or a mini pack. What is the difference between the two? An add-a-leaf adds one leaf to the spring pack, while a mini pack usually adds two or three. Both solve the problem of squishy factory springs by adding spring rate. And, both provide a bit lift as well to help clear larger tires. The advantage of a mini-pack over an add-a-leaf is that it uses multiple thinner leaves instead of just one. These thinner leaves help to create a more progressive feel to the factory springs. The result is a smoother ride in small chop with the ability to absorb bigger hits. At Elevate Suspension, we only offer mini packs.

The Details Matter

The only way to fully alleviate the shortcomings of factory springs is to replace them entirely. Our Elevate Suspension leaf springs incorporate high-quality features like a multitude of thin leaves for the best ride on or off the road. Those leaves are built right here in the USA from high-quality 5160 American spring steel. We also incorporate polyurethane anti-friction pads between each leaf, so there are no annoying squeaks. Each leaf is also diamond cut to help get the most articulation from the spring pack. Our heavy-duty retaining clips are built for strength with stout bolts to keep the leaves aligned while still allowing for maximum flex. And, each spring uses a military wrap design for safety and strength.