Go Fast

American icon Ricky Bobby once famously stated, “I want to go fast.” We agree 100% as going fast is where it is at. The vast majority of us at Elevate Suspension have a long history of bouncing across the desert as fast as possible. Why do we spend our hard-earned money and free time doing what some deem as frivolous? Because it is so damn fun. There is nothing quite like sliding through a corner in Baja or bombing over a dirt road in the Mojave. It can be costly and sometimes painful, but speed in the dirt is an addiction that we will gladly live with.

The Need For More

Going fast in the dirt isn’t about just mashing the throttle and hoping for the best. Sure, you can try that, but eventually you will wind up with a broken truck and body. Your stock suspension will quickly call it quits along with your kidneys. And, pieces of your truck will fall off too. None of it makes for a fun experience.

Built For Speed

To do any specialized activity, you need specialized parts. That is where Elevate Suspension comes in. Our suspension packages are made to get the most from your suspension. Proper rebound and compression are vital for control in rough terrain. We team with Fox Shox for shocks and coilovers that are valved specifically for your vehicle. Then, we add our Elevate Suspension Upper Control Arms to unlock every inch of wheel travel and add strength. Finally, we give you the option of either mini packs or replacement springs in the rear. Our suspension systems allow you to go faster in more control and comfort than any stock suspension.